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- The Game
You command a small ship in a small ocean with various islands
in it where you are being bombarded with different enemies.
Complete the designated objective to progress
Collect gold by killing enemies and completing objectives
Spend your gold at the merchant ships
to gain powerfull passives that can change your attacks
But beware the longer you survive the harder your enemies become
Try to live through this endless survival for as long as possible
and gain a spot on the leaderboard.

- Made By
Steylaerts Jonathan (Artist)
Goffin Nathan (Artist)
Bernaers Jef (Artist)
Droesbeke Diedrik (Artist)
Huysmans Marnick (Programmer)
Sauer Isaac (Programmer)

(A Controller or Keyboard & Mouse is needed to play this game)

Keyboard & Mouse

  • Left Mouse To shoot left & Right Mouse to shoot right
  • E to shoot forward & Q to shoot backwards
  • WASD to move Up, Left, Back and Right
  • TAB to open the shop
  • SPACEBAR to use the class ability
  • SHIFT to gain a speedboost


  • Left Joystick to move around
  • Right Joystick to move the camera
  • Button Y to shoot forwards
  • Button B to shoot the right cannons
  • Button A to shoot backwards
  • Button X to shoot the left cannons
  • LB to open the shop
  • LT to use the class ability
  • RT to gain a speedboost


CaptainCigArrr.zip 334 MB


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Looking good guys!!!